Do you want to completely remove the old wax, soil, and debris found on the floor of your office? Well, our Striping Waxing & Buffing services are the best options you ll ever find.

Our long experience in this field has made it possible to build trust and unbreakable bonds with our clients. This long term partnership with the clients has helped us continue getting better with time.

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Apart from floor stripping, our cleaning enterprise also excels in providing the buildings with dexterous floor buffing facilities, using the best and branded electrical floor scrubber to maintain non-carpeted floors.

This company has over 20 years of experience and it s ready to satisfy its clients in these areas. Call now. If you need more specific info about what we do contact Fabiola Alvarez, she offers Excellence and Quality when it comes to cleaning services.

You can also write us to or call us at any of our phone numbers to get detail information:

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